How is Skateworks funded ?

Skateistan is funded through major donors, foundations, fundraisers, donations and sales of Skateistan merchandise. Skateistan is especially fortunate to have the on-going core support from the Embassy of Denmark in South Africa. Other current major donors include the Finnish Embassy in Kabul, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Embassy of the United States in Kabul, and Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

In 2009 Skateistan opened its first skatepark in Kabul, Afghanistan. Funding for the skatepark came from the German Federal Foreign Office, the Danish Embassy in Kabul, the Canadian Embassy in Kabul and Architecture for Humanity. The construction of Skateistan’s second skatepark facility in Mazar-e-Sharif was fully funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. Skateistan Cambodia’s skatepark was funded through the organization’s fundraising and donations from the Quiksilver Foundation.

In past years, many countries have withdrawn their military forces from Afghanistan. With this withdrawal much of the associated financial aid has begun to diminish. Having heavily relied on foreign aid to fund operations in the past, Skateistan is now looking to increase global fundraising efforts, foster partnerships with foundations and grow the Skateistan brand. Current foundations that support us are: The Tony Hawk Foundation, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, Blossom Hill, Prince Claus, and Games 4 Good.

Where does the money go ?

Finding funding to build a skatepark is one thing; finding the money to run the facility's programs year after year is quite another. As a small, grassroots organization each dollar that is received by Skateistan is carefully spent and directly contributes to the goal of giving hundreds of children an alternative to poverty, drugs, violence, and illiteracy.

Since 2009 Skateistan has grown from one skatepark in Kabul to four skateparks spread across Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. In that time Skateistan’s regular students have increased from 40 to 900 a week. Skateistan’s largest running cost is salaries for the staff that provides the programs and runs the facilities. Other major running costs include learning materials, school supplies, student meals, student transport, emergency medical supplies and reporting costs such as audit fees. Skateistan is extremely grateful to have major sponsors in the skateboard industry such as TSG, Zero, Fallen and Spitfire, that provide generous equipment donations each year.

Every Skateistan projects undergoes an independent audit every year. The audit reports can be found on this page.

Skateistan is still growing! In 2014 Skateistan began programming in Johannesburg, South Africa. With financial assistance from the Danish Embassy of South Africa, MOMA/Paul McCarthy and The Skateroom, Skateistan will open the doors to a new South African skatepark later this year.

How can you help ?

Skateistan needs your help to keep going. With foreign aid in Afghanistan set to decrease, building a donor support base around the world is vital to Skateistan. If you like what Skateistan does the best thing you can do is to donate, hold a fundraiser or buy a Skateistan product and tell all your friends about Skateistan!

Skateistan has charitable, tax-exempt status in Germany, the UK and the USA.


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